Friday, 5 May 2017

Spring Scheduling

I had the need to implement a periodic process where the period between runs was configurable from a properties file. I am using Spring with XML descriptors so this is a brief how-to on getting this working.


Spring implements a task scheduler and a task executor. My understanding is you need both to run a scheduled task. To add one of these to your spring application you have to add the task schema to your descriptor like this:

<beans xmlns=""

Then you add these lines to configure a scheduler and a executor. In my case I only wanted this to be executed in one thread.

        <task:annotation-driven executor="scheduleExecutor" scheduler="scanScheduler"/>
        <task:executor id="scheduleExecutor" pool-size="1"/>
        <task:scheduler id="scanScheduler" pool-size="1"/>

Scheduled Code

The code to be scheduled was created using an annotation. The class was annotated as a component and the method to be called was annotated with the @Scheduled annotation so spring picked it up.

The documentation describes how to use the fixedDelay, cron etc parameters to control how frequently the scheduled operation runs but I needed this to be controlled from a properties file. I found that I could use a property-placeholder to load a properties file and use this in the @Scheduled annotation.

First add the place holder in your XML above the component scan

    <context:property-placeholder location="WEB-INF/"/>
    <context:component-scan base-package="com.somecompany.myproject"/>

Then you can use the fixedDelayString argument to the @Scheduled annotation to access a property (called transactionScanTime in the file)

public class TransactionScanner
    public void scanTransactions()
        // ...

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